About us

Who we are?

We are a group of dedicated business managers and technocrats from reputed institutes like IIT, IISC, IIM etc. who want to make a difference in education space by providing quality service at affordable cost. Together the iContent management team brings more than 100 years of cumulative industry experience.


The experience represents diverse domains and working on cutting-edge technologies especially related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which is re-defining the way services are conceived, created, delivered and serviced.

To begin with, we want to use ICT and rich educational background to deliver on-line, cost-effective, job-oriented and quality platform to prepare for Group C and Group D jobs in Government. We feel this will open up our first conduit to rural India. In the long-term we want to extend TestFrontier platform to offer services for taking practice tests for all competitive examinations.


Our Vision

To become number one on-line test preparation platform in India in terms of volume and value as seen by users.


Our Mission

To develop on-line test platform which will enable users to evaluate themselves truthfully about their standing among all the candidates taking a particular test at a particular point in time.

We want to handhold the student/job-seeker to slowly work his way upwards through increasingly higher levels of difficult questions.

To help his way through, we want to provide in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the user in every aspect of preparation. We want to give maximum flexibility to the users to plan for continuous improvement and ultimately success at the examination acheter lioresal.

We want to be a continuous source of encouragement for the students and job-seekers to succeed.


Our Values

We believe is bringing about honest change. We want to be truthful to the success of users of our platform. We believe in respect and fairness for all. We want to make our workplace the most desirable place to work with by institutionalizing integrity, transparency, healthy competition and trust. We want all our stakeholders to contribute and help in continuous improvement. We encourage all to lead by example.



Testfrontier management team has worked extensively worked in areas of education, skill development and career counselling for rural and urban youths.

With huge experience in understanding the real problem of job asipirants for quality test preparation content.

TestFrontier.com has taken upon the challenge to address the major education problems faced by many job aspirants in  India.

Fuelled by passion to put their education and work experience with premiere organization to bring about a meaningful change, team conceived the idea of “TestFrontier”- to help job aspirants with no access to proper coaching cneters. As team explored further on the idea, it became apparent that the idea of a test platform is applicable to almost all the competitive examinations.